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Various Scholarships / Financial Aids schemes are being offered by different institutes. Students don’t have knowledge about them. These are quite helpful in saving money of the students. Our experts will inform students about various Scholarships / Financial Aids schemes. They will be provided with full information regarding the criteria as well as application procedure about applying for the Scholarships / Financial Aids.

Our counselors provide all necessary details like eligibility, application deadline and application procedure for scholarship. They will remind you of the deadline in a timely manner. They will provide all necessary support in documentation process so that you can have the maximum probability of getting the Scholarships / Financial Aids.

For higher education various universities offer fellowships. These are funded programs and are quite helpful in providing assistantship as well as opportunity for higher study. We will provide full information about the fellowships that are available with our partner universities.

Visa Assistance


Visa Assistance in Delhi

In order to study in a foreign country, the visa is an essential requirement. This issue is of utmost importance for students as any hurdle in issuing of visa will definitely lead to severe problems. Fly Away Consultants will provide all necessary help to its students to obtain the visa of the desired country...

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Admission Guidance


Admission Guidance in Delhi

The highly dedicated professionals of Fly Away help in preparing the sound application form of the students. We assist our students in providing all detailed information about when to apply and how to apply for admission. We also provide full support in providing detailed information about the tests required, when to apply for the test, what to stu..

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Career Counseling


Career Counseling

Fly Away provides full guidance to the students in choosing best possible option for them. Students know very little about the latest courses that are currently in demand and neither have they had knowledge about the foreign universities. They only take decisions after discussing with friends or parents. This sometimes results in blunder with huge ..

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We guide students in all regards so that they can easily understand what is needed at the global level. As bad choices lead to unsuccessful ventures, we help students in making proper decisions so that they become easily adaptable to their new environment. We have vast experience and strong collaboration across the globe in countries like USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Read More...


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